Prosciutto and Melon Hugs



Cured raw ham (your choice between San Daniele, Dolce di Parma, Cinta Senese, Jamon Serrano, etc.), Melon (your choice between musk or cantaloupe, but you can also use white winter melon)


Remove the excess fat from the prosciutto and roughly cut the slices into strips about 5-6cm wide. Using a melon baller, make many melon balls from the flesh of the melon. This “INSTANT CHEF” is quick and easy to do: simply thread the melon balls gently, alternating them with the strips of prosciutto on a Bamboo Elegant Skewer (thread the prosciutto first over, then under each ball to create a sort of wave). These skewers have a square section so the food stays on better. SAMURAI TRICK: for an unbeatable result, use half a melon as the base in which to stick all your skewers!

Perfect for:

  • creating a beautiful centrepiece that is also edible
  • offering your guests an appetizer without plates or silverware
  • wowing and making all your relatives jealous, from your grandkid to your mother-in-law

Elegant Skewers

made of bamboo - square section

Made of bamboo, with square section to give food greater stability.

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