Samurai, from nature for nature



Bamboo is a very vigorous, fast-growing (4 years vs. 50 years on average for other trees) evergreen, which is why it is considered an environmentally friendly choice.
Samurai only chooses and uses 毛竹 (pronunciation: MAO ZHI) bamboo, an extremely high quality material that originates only in the uncontaminated forests of GUILIN in southeast China. To create our Samurai skewers, we select only the top of the plant, ideal for food use thanks to it sthrenghtness, flexibility, and resistance to heat and humidity.

Birch wood

Birch wood is generally light in colour and has a subtle grain that enhances its aesthetic appearance. From over 30 different types, Samurai favours the White Birch variety originating from the extreme north of China, where the plant grows even up to 28 metres in height. To make our toothpicks and skewers, we only use the central part of the trunk, which is harder but also pliable.


Similar to fir, pine is a light softwood, easy to process because it is especially malleable. The pine used for Samurai Gondolas comes from the LINGSHAN area in southeast China, not far from the GUILIN and GUANXI areas, which is where our fine bamboo grows. It is not fit for direct cooking with directly, but it is perfect for plating and presenting any dish, whether hot or cold.