Samurai food

Tell me what your ideas are, It's Samurai!

Toothpicks, skewers, drinking straws, gloves and more: choose the new Samurai Food range and make your everyday table setting more special!

Decor Long Toothpicks

in fine birch wood

In fine birch wood. Perfect for enhancing the elegance of your dishes. With kokeshi sculpted ends, they are ideal for refined, choreographic presentations.

Flower Skewers

Elegant and refined bamboo skewers ideal for various preparations both hot and cold. H 10cm

With flower decoration to celebrate the elegance of your dishes.

Elegant Skewers

made of bamboo - square section

Made of bamboo, with square section to give food greater stability.

Gourmet Plates

made of 95% sugar cane and 5% wheat

Biodegradable, waterproof, extremely resistant plates. They can be used in the microwave and in the freezer. Elegant square shape. Comes in two sizes: large 20cm and small 16cm

Trendy Drinking Straws

Made of paper and two-toned

They enhance cocktails, fresh fruit and vegetable juice and smoothies. Their large diameter is designed also for drinks with a certain density. Made of paper, out of respecting for the environment. Two sizes: 24cm or 13cm

Decor Gondola

Made of pine wood

Versatile, fit for every occasion. They were designed to add choreography when plating cold foods. Comes in two sizes: large 18cm and small 12cm

Freezer bags Easy Gelo

Packaging and bags are 100% recycable

Samurai freezer bags Easy Gelo guarantee high-resistant in food preservation.
Made in HDPE (High Density Polyethylene), Easy Gelo bags insulate the food preserved from odours and well protect from ice.

• Provided with a locking system with tie wires
• Transparent to recognized the content easly
• Label to indicate the content and preservation date
• Available in 3 sizes S, M, L: perfect for freezing and preserving all type of food to mantain quality, freshness and flavour
• Food contact tested
• Eco-friendly: bags and packaging are 100% recycable

Gourmet Skewers

made of bamboo with handle

Refined, high-quality to celebrate the elegance of your dishes. With handle to ensure perfect grip.

Easy Ghiaccio bags

Self-close valve

Samurai Easy Ghiaccio bags are easy and practical to use. Once filled with water through their special valve, bags will self-close and you only need to put it back in the freezer to obtain perfect cubes.

Love Skewers

Made of bamboo with handmade knot

Perfect for refined, stylish presentations. Perfect for a romantic dinner

Deluxe Toothpicks

Made of birch wood

Double tip in fine birch wood. Perfect for cooking, as they are 20% longer than the standard toothpick. They are versatile in various recipes from sweet or savoury pies to special roulades.

Disposable nitril gloves Chef

Hands always clean and odor free

Practical and resistant, Samurai black nitrile disposable gloves are the perfect ally for a professional chef!
Samurai Chef are powder-free and grating-free and suitable for food contact. Ideal for all uses and for food preparation, with Samurai Chef gloves you will always have clean and odor-free hands. Ambidextrous, with microgrip for a secure grip and with tear-proof edge, they guarantee excellent handling, resistance for cooking in a comfortable and hygienic way!

Available in three sizes, S, M and L, in the big dispenser pack of 100 gloves.

Bionature straws


Samurai BioNature straws in PLA biodegradable and compostable are made in 60% renwable raw materials (derived from corn manufacturing).

Available in numerous formats, the Samurai BioNature PLA straws are ideal to satisfy various uses: from fresh and long drinks to cocktails, from milkshakes to fruit shakes rich in vitamins.

Elegant forks


Elegant forks, made of 100% bamboo wood, are ideal products for buffets, aperitifs, samplings, tastings and in all special formal and informal events. Also ideal for street food and take away.

Practices for serving both sweet and savory preparations.

H 9cm

Flower skewers


Elegant and refined bamboo skewers ideal for various hot and cold preparations in a 10cm format.

With flower decoration to celebrate the elegance of your dishes.

Deluxe Maxi Skewers

In bambù

Very long, thick skewers that are perfect for both sweet and savoury recipes.

Elegant mini forks

Practical and ideal to serve various preparations both sweet and salty. H 9cm

Deluxe Skewers

Made of bamboo

Versatile skewers, perfect for various recipes. Both sweet and savoury recipes. Available in 3 sizes: 15cm, 20cm, 25cm

Kokeshi toothpicks


Samurai Kokeshi are our premium toothpicks! Made with birch wood and with a worked head, which resembles the handle of the Japanese sword (or Katana).
With their unique and innovative design, they are extremely flexible thanks to the high quality of the white birch.
Ideal for elegant and refined preparations.

Multiuse bags Easy Use

Multiuse bags in big size in small space! Practical, confortable and super versatile! Ideal for: freezing and preserving food, carry tiny objects, pick up small waste and more over.

• Big size: 35x50cm
• Compact packaging to take up less space in pantry!
• Food contact complaint
• Eco-friendly: bags and packaging are 100% recycable