Samurai History - Forever on the table

Two distant worlds, come close on the table.

9.658: the kilometres that separate Mantua from Tokyo by air.
A lot, if it wasn’t for the intuition that brought Italy and Japan to the same table..

The year is 1965. The intuition belongs to the Lotti brothers, Enzo and Giovanni. They meet Mr. Tanaka, a Japanese merchant who exports wood. They fall in love with his birch.
With the passion and courage of the pioneers, they choose it to produce toothpicks.

When the only thing missing is the name,  Giovanni finds one that seems risky.
Like the new ideas.

For over 50 years a faraway word comes closer and closer.

On the lips of all Italians. Because among many wooden sticks, only one is Samurai.

The discipline, the honour, the harmony of a “warrior” name; the immediate association with a powerful symbol like the Katana, omnipresent in the brand; the light and refined craftsmanship
of the Hokkaido birches: ingredients that make the toothpicks iconic.

Samurai is useful in the kitchen and wherever you desire, from small repairs to DIY.

It is precisely on the table that it stands out, today more than ever, with a coloured
and complete range that makes quick and easy recipes to be fun, eccentric and elegant dishes.

From aperitif to dinner, from appetizers to cocktails. And beyond.

Samurai is an event promoter, an irony ambassador on social media, a model of sustainability thanks to environmentally friendly certifications. Always the same and new every day.

Are you excited by the idea?