Fruity sushi
alla Samurai



a few ready-made sushi rolls without seaweed (maki-zushi), smoked salmon, avocado, lettuce, red currants, baby lettuce leaves.


Blanch the large lettuce leaves in salted water to soften them (you can use chard or spinach if you want); drain and dry. Remove any hard or fibrous parts. Cut the lettuce into strips that are wide enough to wrap around a sushi roll. Slice the avocado into little pieces and the smoked salmon into long thin strips. SAMURAI TRICK: look for a package of fresh or frozen ready-made sushi at your trusted supermarket! For the EXOTIC effect, wrap the sushi in the lettuce or garnish it with slices of salmon and avocado. Thread each roll onto a Samurai Food birch wood Deluxe Toothpick, decorating with red currant and baby lettuce leaves. Deluxe toothpicks are 20% longer than the standard for excellent grip.

Perfect for:

  • serving sushi without chopsticks so no one is embarrassed
  • customising a dinner with friends with a variation on Asian take-out…

Deluxe Toothpicks

Made of birch wood

Double tip in fine birch wood. Perfect for cooking, as they are 20% longer than the standard toothpick. They are versatile in various recipes from sweet or savoury pies to special roulades.

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