Recipe from Settesfoglie

 Difficulty: Easy
 Preparation time: 25 minutes

 Cooking time: 15 minutes
 Doses for: 1 pizzocchero



Hamburger bun 1
Beef hamburger 1
Potato 1
Salt and pepper, butter, sage q.s.
Cabbage leaves a few pieces
Casera cheese 50 g
Pancetta 1 slice
Love skewers



Start by browning the pancetta without any oil in a non-stick pan until crispy. As soon as it is golden brown, set it aside and cook the hamburger on both sides in the same pan. Meanwhile, stew the cabbage and the potato with a knob of butter and sage. Add salt and pepper to taste. As soon as the hamburger is cooked, put the sandwich together. In the meantime, put the cheese in the pan that is still hot from cooking the hamburger to melt it, otherwise put it on the hot hamburger. Assemble the pizzocchero by cutting the bun in half and filling it with half of the potatoes and cabbage.



Put in the hamburger with the cheese and the rest of the cabbage and potatoes, add the crispy pancetta and secure the sandwich with a bamboo SAMURAI LOVE SKEWER. Perfect choreography for an appetising dish.

Perfect for:

The Pizzocchero is a sandwich that contains all the flavours of the Valtellina region. Many know it as a dish made with cabbage, Casera cheese, buckwheat pasta, potatoes, and butter. I’m presenting all these ingredients in a sandwich.

Love Skewers

Made of bamboo with handmade knot

Perfect for refined, stylish presentations. Perfect for a romantic dinner

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