5 fresh mini bread rolls, various cold cuts, various cheeses, condiments to taste, lettuce, tomatoes.


Cut the mini rolls in half and fill them with your favourite ingredients: mortadella and mayonnaise, salami and butter, ham and fontina cheese, etc. Complete with lettuce and/or a slice of tomato. Try to vary the flavours and combinations, preparing at least 4 assorted mini sandwiches. For the ACQUOLINA effect, gently spear the filled sandwiches with a 25cm Samurai Food Bamboo Deluxe Skewer for a more choreographic result. SAMURAI TRICK: use soft milk bread rolls that are easier to spear with the skewer!

Perfect for:

  • nibbling on a little something while the game is on TV, alone or together
  • taking a quick mouth-watering, energising study break

Deluxe Skewers

Made of bamboo

Versatile skewers, perfect for various recipes. Both sweet and savoury recipes. Available in 3 sizes: 15cm, 20cm, 25cm

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