Difficulty: Easy
 Preparation time: 20 minutes

 Cooking time: 10 minutes
 Doses for: 2 pieces



Sliced sandwich bread 6
Ham 6 slices
Eggs 2
Parsley, extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper q.s.
Tomatoes 200 g
Lettuce 4 slices
Pecorino cheese 50 g
Grated Parmesan cheese 50 g
Love skewers




Preparing this gigantic sandwich is really simple. Start by making a frittata: in a bowl, beat the eggs, parsley, Parmesan, salt and pepper, then cook it in a pan with a little extra virgin olive oil. Once it’s cooked, put it on some absorbent paper and put together the sandwich with various layers. The tomato, ham, and lettuce go on the first slice; the frittata and cheese go on the next slice so that the different fillings are visible.



Once they are ready, put them on the grill to toast them, cut them and serve with mayonnaise.
Complete by securing the club sandwiches with SAMURAI LOVE SKEWERS.

Perfect for:

I discovered the club sandwich while on a trip to English-speaking countries. It’s a gigantic version of what we call “toast” in Italian. It’s so good, really special because of the various layers combining different ingredients. I couldn’t resist so I decided to make it at home and you know what? It’s absolutely delicious. Here’s my little recipe…

Love Skewers

Made of bamboo with handmade knot

Perfect for refined, stylish presentations. Perfect for a romantic dinner

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