The chocolate egg stuffed with strawberries is a real Easter surprise, an elegant and choreographic dessert that will pleasantly amaze all the guests.

The recipe is very simple and is made by filling half a chocolate egg with custard, sponge cake or classic colomba (dove-shaped) cake, topped with chocolate-dipped fresh strawberries.



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 Difficulty: Medium
 Preparation time: 30 minutes

 Doses for: 4/6 people



300 g chocolate egg 1 (to use half)
Chocolate sponge cake or slices of colomba Easter cake
Fresh ripe strawberries 500 g
Custard 250 g
White chocolate 100 g
Dark chocolate 100 g
Coloured sprinkles to your liking
Love Skewers


Split the Easter egg in half.

Place a layer of sponge or colomba cake cut into chunks on the bottom and cover with a few spoonfuls of custard.

Cut some strawberries into chunks and place them on the cream. Repeat the operation and finish with a layer of sponge cake. Cover with cling film and place in the fridge.

Wash and dry the strawberries and remove the stalk.

Insert a toothpick into each strawberry to facilitate decoration.

Melt the dark chocolate over a bain-marie and, once melted, dip the strawberries in the chocolate and then in the coloured confetti sprinkles.

Melt the white chocolate over a bain-marie and, once melted, pour it into a little cone of baking paper or into a pastry bag with a mini-sized nozzle.

Decorate the remaining strawberries as desired.


Place the chocolate strawberries on the surface of the stuffed Easter egg and finish the preparation with the elegant Love skewers, which will allow you to savour the delicious filling.

Perfect for:

You can serve it at the end of the meal or give to someone as a gift by wrapping it with clear cellophane wrap and a nice coloured bow.

Love Skewers

Made of bamboo with handmade knot

Perfect for refined, stylish presentations. Perfect for a romantic dinner

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