Samurai, safety first!

all the products are sterilised in Italy without chemical products


SAMURAI uses a radiation process from an Italian company, the world leader in sterilisation processes.

  • Sterilisation in Italy, with greater process control and safety.
  • High power to penetrate materials with a low dosage.
  • Abatment of the microbial load in the packaged product.
  • Treatment on closed packages/pallets without further handling.
  • Absolutely no chemical residues.


Food contact certifications developed specifically by an Accredited Italian Laboratory. SAMURAI PASSED THE TESTS WITH FLYING COLOURS, done ad hoc to ensure maximum CONSUMER SAFETY:

  • Volatile component screening test: no substance is released from the material.
  • Non-volatile component screening test: no substance is released slowly from the material (for example, pesticide components).
  • Sensory characteristics transferred to food: the tests show that upon contact with food, the products alter neither its flavour nor its smell.