Samurai is a partner to restaurant industry professionals

Chosen by HORECA

A wide assortment aimed at meeting all the needs of modern restaurant professionals, from prepping to serving.

Skewers and long toothpicks, gondolas and plates

Creativity in the kitchen

The new Samurai Food range in the MAXI pack format for HORECA. – 15/20/25cm Deluxe Bamboo Skewers, round – 30cm Maxi Deluxe Bamboo Skewers, round – 15cm Gourmet Bamboo skewers with handle – 10-15cm Decor Birch Long Toothpicks with kokeshi handle – 12/18cm Pine Decor Gondolas – 20x20cm Gourmet Plates, 95% sugar cane and 5% wheat – 16x16cm Gourmet Plates, 95% sugar cane and 5% wheat

Toothpicks and wet wipes

Quality and cleanliness

The classic top-quality birch wood toothpick, perfect to use when preparing snacks and for oral hygiene. Available in practical MAXI packs, perfect also for hotels and restaurants. The wet wipes, in soft tissue and lightly lemon scented, are ideal for cleaning your hands.

Drinking straws and cocktail stirrers

Practical and decorative

The straws are available flexible or with spoon. They are perfect to enjoy smoothies, Italian ice, milkshakes, and fruit salads. The stirrers are perfect for serving cocktails, smoothies, milkshakes, and a variety of other drinks. Available in bright colours, they are both practical and decorative.

Cutlery and pick set

Restaurants, self-service cafes, and picnics

A practical cutlery set, perfect for self-service cafes and picnics. This handy packet contains a knife, a fork, a napkin, and a toothpick.