Throwing a party with friends? Samurai PARTY has everything you need!

Star of the party

What do you need to plan the perfect party? Lots of friends, a pinch of imagination, and all the fun of Samurai Party with over 30 items to choose from!

Drinking straws

Assorted in different colours and lengths

Flexible, individually wrapped, and with spoon, they add a touch of colour to any drink, and are good for non-alcoholic mixes, fruit juices, and cocktails.


A touch of imagination

Umbrellas, mini wooden forks, flags, colourful frilled picks. The perfect accessories for a touch of creativity to the table and to decorate appetizers, canapé, and ice cream.

Birthdays and parties

Decorate every occasion

Colourful or numbered birthday candles, balloons in assorted colours and sizes. Perfect to cheerfully decorate every occasion and party