Throwing a party with friends? Samurai PARTY has everything you need!

Star of the party

What do you need to plan the perfect party? Lots of friends, a pinch of imagination, and all the fun of Samurai Party with over 30 items to choose from!

BioNature straws


Samurai BioNature straws in PLA biodegradable and compostable are made in 60% renwable raw materials (derived from corn manufacturing).

Available in numerous formats, the Samurai BioNature PLA straws are ideal to satisfy various uses: from fresh and long drinks to cocktails, from milkshakes to fruit shakes rich in vitamins.


A touch of fantasy

Cocktail umbrellas, wooden forks, little flags, colored tufts. Ideal accessories to give a touch of fantasy to the table and decorate aperitifs, canapés and ice creams.

Birthdays and parties

Decor any occasion

Colorful or numbered birthday candles, assorted balloons in colors and sizes. Ideal for cheerfully decorating every occasion and party.